Services (Areas of Practice)

Our Firm is dedicated to deliver comprehensive legal services by means of professional efforts in order to maintain both the satisfaction of our distinguished clients and the nobility of our reputation. From this perspective, Our firm's administrative and supervisory services are conducted under the control of a highly professional management strategy to reach perfection.

Dhari M. Al-Wawan & Partners proudly provides its distinguished clients with expert legal services on the local, regional and international levels with regards to: Legal Consultations; Insurance, Matters of marital status and inheritance; private and public sector labor disputes and laws; B.O.T Contracts; Taxes; Arbitration and Conciliation; Debt Collection; Intellectual Property; Corporate and Commercial Law Matters; Commercial Agencies and Distributorships; Banks; Securities; Investments; Contract Drafting; Oil Industries; Insurance; Leasing Suits; Administrative Disputes; Criminal Law and Defense; Business Risk Management; Representation before departments of experts and interrogation.

Corporations & Commercial Agencies

  • Establishment of Corporations and Drafting of Corporation-Related Contracts and Amendments thereof
  • Drafting of Corporations' employment contracts and by laws thereof
  • Provision of legal advice with regard to general assembly sessions and convenes thereof
  • Legal representation (Liquidation, Bankruptcy, Moratorium, Receivership nullity claims and Proceedings)
  • Legal and technical Business Funds, Investment, Financial and Management Support and Disputes thereof;
  • Agencies and Distributorship agreements drafting and conclusion and public registration of the same locally and internationally.


Banking Transactions

We provide Conventional and Non-Conventional solutions arising out of, in connection with, or related to this sector to maintain and safeguard the legal standing of our distinguished clients and maintain their rights. Therefore, We are primarily emphasizing on strengthening our Law Firm with a group of highly professional legal counselors Who possess extensive experience and provide reliable legal advice with regard to aspects of Banking and Finance Transactions; Corporate Loans; Funding of Commercial Government and private projects, properties and operations; Foreign Fund Transactions and legal means of finance; secular and Islamic Banking System Operations; Islamic Financing and Investment.



  • Sound legal advice in relation to domestic and Foreign Stock Exchange Markets
  • Protection of our distinguished clients against the implications of securities repercussions
  • Provision of Consultations related to relevant Kuwaiti legislations governing General Stock Exchange offers and Transactions and the requirements for obtaining licenses to conduct related stock exchange businesses and the Criminal Penalties resulting from the violation of such provisions.


Contracts' Drafting

  • Professional drafting of Civil, Commercial, Contracting, Agencies, Administrative and International Contracts
  • B.O.T contracts


Oil Industries

  • Preparation and conclusion of contracts related to this sector and legal advice thereof (field of excavation and exploration and production)
  • Preparation and conclusion of contracts related to Petrochemicals
  • Preparation of and contracts and bylaws pertaining to the organization of corporations working in this sector in consistency with the provisions of relevant laws



  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Maritime Insurance
  • Funds insurance
  • Intellectual Property Insurance
  • Engineering and Contracting Malpractice Insurance
  • Medical and Medical Malpractice Insurance

  • Travel Insurance
  • Movables Insurance
  • Road Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Aviation Insurance
  • Tort and Contract Liability
  • General Civil Liability Insurance



  • Interpretation of Tax Laws in the State of Kuwait
  • Provide advice on Corporate Tax planning and regulatory compliance
  • Full tax planning services for Domestic and International Companies and Financial Institutions
  • Enhance clients' earnings and reduce legal risk
  • Provision of defense and representation related to tax disputes before the relevant authorities


Leasing Claims

  • Extensive experience in the field of Real Estate Leasing disputes
  • Representation of Real Estate and Individuals in this sector (i.e. Rent Increase, Evacuation, Tort and Contractual Liability


Labor & Administrative Disputes

  • We advice corporate employers and employees on all aspects of labor and employments matters under the relevant Kuwaiti laws
  • Provision of legal advice related to administrative disputes to ensure the protection of our distinguished clients with the competent official authorities; Extensive experience in the field of Real Estate Leasing disputes


Criminal Cases

Our Firm primarily depends on the experience and qualifications of our professional lawyers and legal counselors, some of whom teach criminal laws in law schools and those who come from judicial backgrounds, Who possess the competency and proficiency in the preparation of criminal defense in order to persuade the court of our client's innocence or in worst case scenarios mitigate the penalty.



Our Firm provides due legal representation of our distinguished clients before the Dept. of Experts, Interrogation Departments, General Prosecution, Stock Exchange Markets, Central Bank of Kuwait and all other regulatory bodies as far as Administrative, Labor and Criminal cases are concerned.


Arbitration & Conciliation

  • Resolve commercial and personal disputes before Kuwaiti courts, Ministries and Governmental Regulatory Agencies
  • Resolve commercial and personal disputes on the International Level
  • Preparation of Contractual Arbitration and Conciliation Clauses
  • Negotiation and Amicable Settlement Agreements
  • Representation of clients before Arbitration tribunals


Finance & Debt Collection

We ensure the swift collection of finance and third party debts through Amicable, Administrative, Judicial and Executive procedures.


Family Law


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